10 Most Memorable Places in Ireland


Dear Wanderlusters,

I know I’ve been away for a while, so I’ll just tell you the important things that have happened since: I went to Ireland and Scotland for the very first time with my friend Jessica and it was an amazing trip!  A trip that I know I’ll do again, because there are so many places I didn’t see.  I’ll go ahead and start with Ireland considering it’s been my #1 travel destination since I was younger…since before plans of Italy.  It’s no coincidence that my favorite movie is P.S. I Love You; I think it’s actually one of the reasons I fell even more in love with the idea of visiting Ireland.  Who wouldn’t want to find a Gerry there, or hear that damn accent that sends chills down my spine? Okay, this is getting a little Rated R now!

Anyway, this post is to show you the places that for one reason or another stand out the most for me.  I won’t get into details, but I’ll tell you that I felt about a hundred different emotions every single time I was at a spectacular view…it always made me rethink Italy for a second or two.  I also drank a lot and listened to amazing Irish music. I went to the Guinness Storehouse, and even though I’m not a beer girl, I actually enjoyed that Guinness a little too damn much.  I visited places from the movie P.S. I Love You and hoped I would bump into a Gerry.  Oh and one more thing, I probably checked out EVERY single guy that walked past me, I was in hottie heaven! This perviness actually lead to a bit of a funny story, which you can read once you get to the last photo!

FYI these photos are NOT in any specific order of preference






IMG_4785 IMG_4827


IMG_4995 IMG_4898


Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 12.04.16 AMIMG_52486. THE CLIFFS OF MOHER


Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 12.02.04 AM








So here’s my kind of funny story, having to do with this photo right above: Have you all heard about The Temple Bar? A famous pub in Dublin? Okay, well forget about them, because thanks to the fact that they were jam-packed and that my friend Jessica and I were too hungry to stay and wait for a table, we made our way to The Norseman, which was literally just a few steps away.  Of course I immediately noticed the cute bartender/waiter, who by the way was extremely nice.  Being super touristy, I asked him if he would recommend a whiskey…I don’t even like whiskey that much!  After Jessica and I ate our dinner, we decided to sit at the bar because there was going to be live music and we wanted a good view. Turns out, we sat at the wrong side of the bar — we could hear the music but we couldn’t see the musician.  It’s okay though, we had the better view of the bartender.

Next, we ordered dessert and drinks and I proceeded to take a photo of my beer with the cute bartender in the background.  He really just happened to walk into my photo, I swear! But of course I took advantage of the opportunity and posted it on Instagram, with the caption reading, “Cute bartenders have always been my weakness…and the reasons for my borderline alcoholic tendencies #andhesfuckenirish #comehomewithme #illhaveyourbabies”.  No big deal right? I mean, he was never gonna see it anyway…

Welllll guess what? He freakin’ did!  Just a few days ago actually, as I was getting ready to go to bed, I received an Instagram notification on my phone. It was a comment from someone I didn’t know tagging another someone I didn’t recognize and it said, “I think you’ve pulled”.  Confused, I clicked on it and realized what was happening: someone had tagged cute bartender Darragh, and I was literally dying of embarrassment! I mean, c’mon, who would’ve known someday my witty hashtags would cause me embarrassment?
I didn’t know what “I think you’ve pulled” meant, so I’m not kidding when I say I googled it, and apparently it’s another way to say “I think you’ve attracted someone”.  Damn right he did, I just didn’t think he’d find out. Well anyway, one thing lead to another and he ended up commenting on my photo; let’s just say, we now have joked about it because he thinks it’s funny while I still think it’s quite embarrassing. The fact that it was his cousin who found it just kills me a little more.  So guys, lesson learned, if you want to write funny or vulgar hashtags about someone and get caught, be dumb enough to tag the place you’re in. But hey, this is now a funny little story for the books and it makes my traveling memories just that much better!
P.S.  I hope you can all go to these places soon!
If you ever find yourselves at The Norseman, back off! Just kidding, flirt away…it’s fun ❤
The Wanderluster

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