Dancing on my own again

I used to make art and read poetry at midnight. I used to dance alone in my room and fantasize about my dream vacation.  I used to write my favorite quotes in a tiny notebook and write the things the made me happy in a different one.  I was THAT person…extremely happy and overly cheesy.

I noticed that it’s been a while since I thought, holy cow, I’m living in Italy, I’m so lucky!  I used to do that at least once a day, randomly, just because my heart was filled with happiness every time it hit me that I lived here.  So what the hell happened? When did the changes occur? When did I start complaining so much and forgetting to do the little things I love?  Being busy and getting caught up with studying, work, etc. is one fake excuse; fake because there’s never a valid excuse for not making time to do the things that make you happy.

I’ve talked about how I’ve changed for the better in terms of being independent, but if I forget to do the little things, what’s the point?  Maybe it’s that I recently graduated, maybe it’s the stress of finding a job I’ll love, or maybe it’s my quarter life crisis, but I’ve realized that I’m losing that girl in me and I need to figure out a way to be her again.

There are too many bad things going on around the world and sometimes we might not know how to react or go on with our day, but perhaps the only way to prevent the weight of the world from taking the happy versions of ourselves is to do the little things, to be kind, and to love.

So I’m gonna read poetry at midnight.  I’m gonna freakin’ bake pies and make guacamole as often as I can.  I’m gonna notice all the cute boys on the street and compliment strangers.  I’m gonna give tighter hugs to the people I love. I’m gonna rid myself of the things that make me unhappy and I’m gonna take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. I’m gonna be the happiest version of me again and I’m gonna use my room to keep dancing on my own ❤

P.S. The list in the photo is not even a third of what’s on the finished list. I encourage you all to make one and stick to it! Also, I just danced my butt off to Robyn’s “Dancing on my own” and now I’ll go experiment with a new recipe in the kitchen.

Love Always,

The Wanderluster



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