Cheers to a Great 2014!

This year I might have unintentionally broken a few hearts, probably damaged my liver with margaritas, and perhaps drunkenly kissed one too many boys…but hey, aside from that, 2014 was all sorts of good. I know what you’re thinking, “Not another last-post-of the-year shit”, well too bad, it is. It’s been a great fucking year and I want to reflect on it.

This year I went to my first Dodger’s game, and if you’re an Angeleno, you know how much of a big deal that is. 2014 is also when the ritual of Margarita Sundays with my favorite girlfriends was established. It’s the year I took a great European trip and discovered that my wanderlust was bigger than I thought. It’s when I finally visited the zoo in San Diego and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I also went on a hot air balloon in Temecula and drove through the desert in Arizona. I went to a Kings of Leon concert, got invited to see HAIM, and got free tickets for Alabama Shakes and Young the Giant. I discovered a love for writing and started this blog. I got accepted to The American University of Rome and made the life changing decision of moving there.

Perhaps I didn’t spend as much time with family as I should have in the beginning of this year, but thankfully this Holiday season we’re making up for it. A family trip to Arizona and a hilarious family snowball fight was exactly what we needed. If I feel any sadness for leaving, it’s only because I know my family wishes I weren’t leaving. This morning I was putting away my clothes and dancing to MGMT’s “Electric Feel” when mom, whose currently in town, walked in on me; she started laughing then she just hugged me. When she went silent I knew she had begun crying. I had been avoiding this moment and hoping it wouldn’t happen until my last day here, but perhaps a hugging/crying session with mom was a good last-day-of-the-year bonding moment with her.

Friends- what can I say about them? Well everything really: I reconnected with some, made new ones, and thankfully didn’t lose old ones. I laughed with them, danced with them, and mostly drank with them, but that’s what friends are for right?

School was filled with both stress and fun. I finished my last classes here in Los Angeles and finally passed that damn Statistics class at UCLA; Italian, Spanish and Humanities diplomas, come to momma! Transfer papers for Italy and applying for an Italian student visa was stressful as hell but I made it and now I’m 20 days away from my departure. I’ll see you soon Italy!

So there you go, 2014 was filled with amazing moments; in fact, I really want to say it has been my greatest year. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and more excited to share with you guys what’s in store for me in 2015. I hope it’s just as good or even better than this year!

Anyway, gotta go! I’m about to go spend my last hours of 2014 drinking and dancing!
Cheers to you all and Happy New Year!

The Wanderluster

P.S. My New Year’s Resolutions: blog more often, read more books, learn more languages, etc..
What are yours?


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