Crappy Selfies in Europe


It’s no surprise that I hate selfies; I can’t take a good selfie for the life of me.  First of all, there’s one side of my face that’s completely different than the other. One side is the sweet pretty one while the other is the scary-bitchy sister.
I’m two different people! It’s fucking creepy. This one time I was sitting having margaritas with a coworker and I decided to show her. I didn’t even find it offensive that she got scared, I just started laughing while I proceeded to  scare her a bit more by covering one half of my face then moving my arm really quick to show her the other half.  Needless to say, I was drunk.  I bet now that I’m telling you this, you’re gonna try to see it for yourself. Whatever, go ahead. Just keep your comments to yourself so I won’t regret telling you.

Anyway, long story short, I seldom take selfies, but when I do, I seem to be abroad trying to take a picture of myself with some kind of important building, statue, etc…

And then they come out shitty: some show only half my face, on some I’m not even looking at the camera, and others just speak for themselves. But I’ll throw my insecurities out the window for now to show you that bad selfies abroad are my new thing and I’m embracing it…I guess.

P.S.  Sometimes when you’re traveling and you don’t have anyone to take your picture, a bad selfie will do. Don’t take yourself too seriously, take shitty selfies once in a while…or in my case, ALWAYS.


Ruins in Rome, Italy


My chin and the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City (I had to do this so I wouldn’t get caught- NO photos allowed)


Basilica di San Pietro, Vatican City


Il Colosseo, RomeIMG_5182

I THINK this was the River Tiber, Rome


Munich, Germany

IMG_4487 The Orloj-Prague, Czech Republic IMG_4407

John Lennon Wall- Prague, Czech Republic

IMG_4163Dresden, Germany (where the hell is my face?)IMG_3801

Bike riding through the Dutch countryside, The Netherlands
   Berliner Dom, Germany


Gondola riding with Zoe in Venice, Italy (she looks good, I don’t)
The  Wanderluster

3 thoughts on “Crappy Selfies in Europe

  1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog! I saw this post and had to follow – I laughed so hard cause I literally have so many awkward tourist selfies like this. i agree – totally just have to embrace it. 🙂


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