Here’s to new beginnings!



Hello fellow Wanderlusters!  My first post and I’m so damn excited I just want to write five posts in one day!  Okay I’m kidding, this shit is harder than I thought.  No really.  I had already started another blog with the most perfect name.  It was chosen by a dear friend of mine and I immediately fell in love.  But then guess what?  I made it, wrote an entry and then the website kept having a “malfunction”.  What the F??  Screw you!  Who do you think you are with your 502 Bad Gateway?  

Point is, I did some things and unfortunately lost the site domain forever.

Ugh! Anyway, let’s hope this time it runs smoothly!

But since this is my first post, I’ll just tell you a bit about what this blog will be about.  This is a blog about my wanderlust tales (hence the name)!  A blog to show you my life in Los Angeles as well as my adventures abroad as an aspiring future world traveler.  This isn’t a food blog, but considering the fact that I’m a total food lover, I can assure you I’ll have some of that in here as well.  Also, once in a while you might get a life lesson or my thoughts on certain topics, but it’s mostly travel inspiration, I promise!  WARNING: there might be a lot of cursing… so kids, get out of here.  Just kidding!  You can stay but don’t tell your mom.

P.S.  I won’t speak of my former blog’s name because it makes me sad.  Just know that this new one is waaaaay similar and I love it just as much.


The Wanderluster

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